When I started in agility with Monika,  it was mainly to try to help my four year old miniature poodle get over some anxiety and biting problems.  I never would have guessed that more than a year later we would be having so much fun and that my dog would be so much more confident and motivated.  Now, if I forget about his training, he comes and reminds me, and as soon as I get the crate out to get ready for class, his tail starts wagging.  I give all the credit to Monika, who saw much more potential in Teddy then I did.  Her classes are proof that any dog can do agility.  She helps each owner see exactly what their dogs needs to keep making progress.  Best of all, she makes everything fun-for the dogs and owners alike.  Teddy and I have done lots of other classes, but Monika’s agility classes are the ones we both like best.  Thanks Monika!    Cheers, Susan