Agility Training

Of all the dog sports Agility is one of the most popular…Why?

Simply said, anyone can do it with any dog!

If you have never had the opportunity to watch an agility trial, it is based on the concept of horse jumping, which is a timed obstacle course. The object of the game is to be the fastest without any faults. The handler navigates the off leash dog through the course using their body movement, their voice and hand signals.

The courses consists of jumps, tunnels, weaves, dog walk, Aframe, Teeter and more!

The beauty of watching a great dog and handler is the seamless effortlessness it takes to get from start to finish…

Your dog should be in good health, not overweight with a clear bill of health before starting agility. Dogs can be started from a very young age with Foundation skills, but should not be jumping full height till their growth plates have closed. As a handler – be prepared to be active.

Agility is truly the most fun you can have with your dog! Try it!