To me, what sets a great dog trainer apart is the ability to be successful with all kinds and temperments of dogs, (and owners). A great trainer’s methods are never formulaic but are adaptable to each situation, every individual dog and handler. Monika is that great trainer. In the years I have trained with her, I have watched Monika work with many challenging dogs, from my own exuberant, in your face cattle dog. To shut down, shy, fearful ones, to those that have manipulated their owners for ages. All the dogs make progress because, Monika knows just when to push, coax or even back off in order to make a break through. Her teaching style instills the confidence in both dog and handler that motivates them to continue with their training. Thanks Monika for getting Kash and I hooked on agility! Pam Collins and Arkashas Ragin Blue Thunda