Shiro is the first dog I have had in my life. We started agility just for fun. But its been more then what I was thinking. Shiro is a Shiba inu mix quick learner and very smart.  He did very good when we started agility.  As time passed by we started to notice that when he got stressed he started a habit to eat little peices of wood or what ever he could find.  He was no longer running courses with me at that point in time. Everything I tried made it worse, I was starting to worry that he might get sick from this habit. I was about to quit…  Monika help me understand that he was stressing and how he was thinking.  We tried many different approaches very patiently things got better and better.  Now he runs even better then before!!!  Monika she is very professional has lots of skills as a competitor as well as teaching skills for all kinds of dogs.  And most importantly she has amazing personality. Fun, cheerful, thoughtful, patient, kind and powerful but gentle.  I would have quit if I haven’t had Monika. That was one of the most amazing experiences with my dog.  I am so thankful and lucky that I’ve got the right coach for the beginning. Thank you Monika and all the 2 Paws up members